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     P.S. I Love You
     Pakistanis (Get Back ddsi 9.61)
     Palace Of The King Of The Birds
     Pantomime: Everywhere It´s Christmas
     Papa´s Got A Brand New Bag
     Paperback Writer
     Part One The Count Balder And Butler
     Part Two The Count Balder And The Pianist
     Paul´s Christmas Album
     Paul´s Piano Piece
     Peanut Vendor
     Pedro The Fisherman
     Peggy Sue Got Married
     Penny Lane
     People Of The Third World
     Piece Of My Heart
     Pillow For Your Head
     Pink Litmus Paper Shirt
     Please Don´t Bring Your Banjo Back
     Please Mr Postman
     Please Mr Henry
     Please Please Me
     Podgy The Bear And Jasper
     Polythene Pam
     Pop Go The Beatles
     Pop Profile
     Positively 4th Street
     Prisoner´s Song
     Prisoner´s Work Song
     Puttin´ On The Style
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