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     Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy
     Danny Boy
     David Frost Theme
     Day Tripper
     Dear Prudence
     Dear Wack!
     Deed I Do
     Definitely Inclined Towards It
     Dehra Dun
     Devil In Her Heart
     Dig A Pony
     Dig It
     Digging My Potatoes
     Dizzy Miss Lizzy
     Da Doo Ron Ron
     Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
     Do Wah Diddy
     Do You Want To Know A Secret?
     Doctor Robert
     Don´t Be Cruel
     Don´t Bother Me
     Don´t Ever Change
     Don't Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown
     Don´t Let Me Down
     Don´t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
     Don´t Pass Me By
     Don´t Start Running
     Down In Cuba
     Down In Eastern Australia
     Down In Havanna
     Dream Baby
     Dr. Robert
     Drive My Car
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