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A Hard Day´s Night - Vol.1 Disc 1 (Stereo)
(Deluxe Edition by Purple Chick)
LP A Hard Day´s Night
 1.  A Hard Day´s Night
 2.  I Should Have Known Better
 3.  If I Fell
 4.  I´m Happy Just To Dance With You
 5.  And I Love Her
 6.  Tell Me Why
 7.  Can´t Buy Me Love
 8.  Any Time At All
 9.  I´ll Cry Instead
10.  Things We Said Today
11.  When I Get Home
12.  You Can´t Do That
13.  I´ll Be Back
EP Long Tall Sally
14.  Long Tall Sally
15.  I Call Your Name
16.  Slow Down
17.  Matchbox
Single (D)
18.  Sie liebt Dich
19.  Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
alternate Stereo Mixes
20.  And I Love Her (german mix)
21.  Long Tall Sally (us mix)
22.  I Call Your Name (us mix)
23.  Komm gib mir Deine Hand (us mix)
24.  A Hard Day´s Night (making of ahdn)
25.  You Can´t Do That (making of ahdn)
26.  And I Love Her (making of ahdn)
27.  If I Fell (anthology mix)
28.  Things We Said Today (anthology mix)
29.  Long Tall Sally (anthology mix)
30.  I Should Have known Better (making of ahdn)
31.  If I Fell (making of ahdn)
32.  Tell Me Why (making of ahdn)
33.  I´m Happy Just Do Dance With You (making of ahdn)
34.  Can´t Buy Me Love (making of ahdn)
35.  Anthology Medley