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Nagra Tape B-Roll´s - 07.Januar 1969
71 B auf Kum Back Vol. 3
72 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 3
73 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 3
74 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 3
75 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 3
76 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 3
77 B auf Kum Back Vol. 4
78 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 4
79 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 4

... Fortsetzung der Kum Back Vol. 3 vom 03.Januar

Kum Back Vol. 3
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Nagra Tape Roll 71 B (15:49)
    Bathroom Window (in 7.11)
   ♦ Instrumental(7.12)
    Mr. Epstein Said It Was White Gold(7.13)
    Low Down Blues(7.14)
    What´d I Say(7.15)
    Get Back(7.16-7.17)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    Get Back(7.18-7.19)
    My Back Pages(7.20)
    Dear Prudence(in 7.20)

Nagra Tape Roll 72 B (15:59)
    Stuck Inside
        Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
   ♦ Improvisation(7.24)
    I Shall Be Released(7.25)
    To Kingdom Come(7.26)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    For You Blue(7.27)
    Bo Diddley(7.30)
    What The World Needs Now Is Love(7.31)
   ♦ Instrumental(7.32)
    First Call(7.33)
    Bathroom Window(7.34)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(7.35-7.37)

Nagra Tape Roll 73 B (16:36)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(7.37-7.41)
    Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop(in 7.41)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(7.42-7.47)
   ♦ Improvisation(7.48)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(7.49)
    Woman Where You Been So Long(7.50)
    Oh Julie, Julia(7.51)
    Oh! Darling(in 7.51)

Nagra Tape Roll 74 B (15:59)
    Oh! Darling(7.52)
    The Long And Winding Road(7.53)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(in 7.53)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(7.54-7.56)
   ♦ Improvisation 
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(ohne)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(7.57-7.59)
   ♦ Rule Brittania(7.60)
   ♦ Improvisation (7.61)
    Improvisation (Jim Carelli, Where Is Your Mother)(7.62)

Nagra Tape Roll 75 B (15:56)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(7.64)
    Speak To Me(7.66 u. 7.68)
    When I´m Sixty-Four(7.67-7.68)
    Speak To Me(7.69)
    Oh! Darling(7.70)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(7.71 & 7.73-7.74)

Nagra Tape Roll 76 B (15:57)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(7.75-7.79)
    Across The Universe(7.88)


Kum Back Vol. 4
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Nagra Tape Roll 77 B (16:33)
    Across The Universe(7.89)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    Across The Universe(7.90)
   ♦ Improvisation(7.91)
    Across The Universe(7.92)
    A Case Of The Blues(7.93)
    Cuddle Up(7.94)
    Gimme Some Truth(7.95)
    Across The Universe(7.96)
    Gimme Some Truth(7.97)
    From Me To You(7.98)
    Across The Universe(7.99-7.100)
    Rock And Roll Music(7.101)

Nagra Tape Roll 78 B (16:03)
    Lotta Lovin´ (7.103)
    Across The Universe (7.104)
    Gone Gone Gone(7.105)
    Dig A Pony(7.106)
    The One After 909(7.107-7.108)
    Don´t Let Me Down(7.115-7.119)

Nagra Tape Roll 79 B (11:01)
    (There´s A) Devil In Her Heart(7.124)
    Don´t Let Me Down(7.125-7.126)
    Thirty Days(7.127)
   ♦ Improvisation(7.133-7.134)
    Across The Universe (playback)(7.135)
    School Days(7.136)
    Bathroom Window (in 7.136)

... weiter mit Kum Back Vol. 4 am 08.Januar